Second Melitta Mill & Brew Broken

Back in episode 4 I proclaimed my love for the Melitta Mill & Brew. Even then I knew this day would come.

The little plastic hook holding the grinder lid down snapped and fell into the grinder basin. Without this hook, the grinder doesn’t grind and the water doesn’t get near the grinds. Basically, this fragile 1/4″ piece of plastic is the key to the coffee maker. Without it, no coffee.

After 3 years of daily use, this is my second Melitta and the second time this hook has snapped. Not an atypical problem, a handful of complaints about his issue in the Amazon reviews.

In the short term, I’m weighing it down with a bag of stale, ground coffee. In the long term, I’m looking for a new machine. Any recommendations?

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  1. i use a small piece of scotch tape from the top to the side with the bottom end of the tape folded under and attached to itself for 1/8″ for easy removal. the tape works for several uses then can be replaced.

  2. Hi Garrick!
    Had the same problem with our Mill and Brew at the 3 year mark. The little white plastic thing broke off and I thought we would have to replace the whole thing. After much thought I figured out that weight would keep the lid down and then the grinder would work. Voila! Got another 2 years out of the coffee maker. This year, however, the filter basket ripped and I couldn’t find a replacement for that. So I replaced the whole thing and now have replacement parts. By the way, I used a heavy water glass, brick, whatever, to get the lid to stay down. We love this coffee maker and didn’t want to try a new one. And the one I just bought…got it on ebay for $41 for an open box maker. Came looking beautiful and I have no complaints. Never give up!
    Michelle and Larry Halstead

  3. Second Melitta and second broken lid catch. I will never give up this Mill and Brew though. I use the coffee bean cannister for weight. Got my first one when a store went out of business here in town; $30.00, the second one at a close out sale in the midwest for $25.00. I repaired a ripped filter basket on the first one using silicone caulking and got 2 years more out of it. Happy brewing!

  4. I, too, love my Melitta Mill and Brew, and have had it for more than 3 years. The problem that just happened to me was that one of the 2 clips that hold the mill basket assembly down onto the main unit has come off, due to plastic fatige on one of the pivot points. This isn’t a big deal right now, since I have been making do with fresh ground from the local grocery store. But if I want to be able to grind again, I will need to replace or repair the basket assembly. Anyone have any thoughts as to how to get one?

  5. We had the same problem. Look on the bottom of the unit and call the phone number there. They have the parts in stock and offer free shipping. I’ve listed the information below.

    Please contact us if we can be of further assistance at the address listed on this email or through our Consumer Relations Department at (800)233-9054 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (CST). Thank you, we appreciate your business.

    Salton, Inc.

    Consumer Relations Department
    The following items have been shipped


  6. Thank you, Donna Newill! I had been searching for the source of a new filter basket/grinder assembly for my Melitta Grind & Brew and never thought to look on the unit itself for anything other than a model number. The mesh on my filter basket tore and now I can replace it for $7 with free shipping. Thanks again.

  7. I too am on my second Grind and brew. I saved the parts from the first. The clip on the lid broke on both. After much coffee getting on the heating eliment and it starting to crack and corrode, I bought my second. This time the clip on the lid broke and I am just weighing it down like with the first, but for some reason now the water leaks out of the seam between the coffee unit and the grinder on about one out of every 3 times I use it. I love the coffe pot, but overall am pretty disappointed. Dont know if I should bother with calling in for a new part, or just replace unit with Cuisinart!

  8. Why did they discontinue this? I am on my second one and botho f the lids are broken on it but I still love the machine. I want to buy another one in white but can’t find one even on ebay.

  9. My lid catch also broke and I thought I would have to purchase a new one. Tried the weight thing for a while and then realized that a drop of super glue down the security catch (that little white plunger thing) and then hold the plunger down (I used a match stick) until it sets fixed it forever (or so far 6 months)

  10. My lid catch just broke after 2 years. I love this machine and have been using the tape method. I’ll be contacting the company on Monday to see if I can get a replacement lid. Thanks for all the ideas.

  11. So gratifying to know I am not the only one with the little piece-of-plastic problem! I just super-glued mine back on, and it’s working fine. Have had the unit for ~4 years, and the super-glued little part has been working fine for the past 2 years.

  12. When my little piece broke that wouldnt allow the lid to shut, I called Melitta directly and they told me that it was not a replaceable piece. I would have to send the unit in for service. Well, I did just that by going to target, purchasing a new unit, waiting a week, and then stuffing the broken one in the box and returning it. Viola’! And it goes back to Melitta.

  13. My lid broke as well, went to Melitta website, called them….only cost me $5.00 for a replacement lid. I used a Nyquil bottle in the meantime to hold the lid down so it would work. No problems.

  14. On my second one now … 2 broken lids, 2 ripped baskets … grrr; sister bought one w/the same problem. How’s the Cuisinart ?? 🙂

  15. using second one now, just love it.bought the first at a kitchen specialty store and when the catch broke (yeah, me too)we just weighted it down with something, don’t remember what! Wanting a new one, we despaired of finding one thinking that they would not still be on the shelf.looked at other brands and
    — thinking about having to learn how to use another machine while still half asleep in the morning, on an end cap at target we found our beloved coffee maker.the old one went complete to a resale shop and now I need a carafe. reading your replies shows me to call the 800 #.thanks

  16. My wife & I have gone through four lids after two years. One would think that since this part of the product is obviously poorly engineered that they would design an “upgrade” if you will and let current owners get a re-designed unit. I have endured buying replacement lids for a while. I am just getting tired of throwing good money after bad. I would just as soon pitch out the pos now and just get a different unit. Oh and buy the way…the FIRST lid is free any others must be paid for. As careful as we try to be in closing the lid, that damn tab still breaks off! I would suggest just getting something else.

  17. Two of mine are broken also, but we have the “coffee rock.” A weight on the top works as well and and our cabin in the mountains, is a special feature. But now that the one at home has broken I may just repair them. I was told by my husband that the coffee rock that I just selected has no character.

  18. OK. I’ll get in line. First the little tab broke, and then the basket tore. I came to this website and got the answer to replacement parts. Thanks All.

  19. I joined the crowd too! My little plastic piece broke, I thought I was doomed. Especially when I bought a new Cuisinart that refused to work on day 1 (!!). Then I found this website! Thank God! Now the replacement part for the little plastic piece is $9.72 – much cheaper than $150 for a new coffee maker that I didn’t really like in the first place, but that would not work anyway!! This unit is 2 1/2 yrs old and well worth the price of admission! Thanks to all!

  20. I love my Mill & Brew but I have had the same problems with 2 of my coffee makers so went and bought another. The little plastic button broke. I have now owned 4 of these makers. My husband’s Heart Dr. suggested this one. Now I have the problem of the basket riping. Please tell me where to find another. PLEASE HELP!! Thank-you

  21. Amazing as to how many people have this same problem with the lid. Our son-in-law in TX tried gluing their’s on, but it didn’t work well. They went to a Cuisinart, but have had problems with excess water in the bottom of that coffee maker. Two units later, same problem.
    I just called the people at Solton for a replacement lid on the Melita Mill and Brew and it was $3.50 for the lid, a shipping charge of $5.95, plus tax.

  22. Hey does anyone have the customer service phone number for replacement parts for the Melitta grind and brew.

    I have suffered long enough I need a replacement lid #3.
    I have tried to find another brand that measures up to this coffee pot, there is not one!
    If you have the number please let me know.

  23. I solved the problem of the broken lid by using a plastic drapery hook that is screwed into the top of the unit just to the side of the lid. It simply pivots over to hold the lid down nicely. In a way, it’s superior to the original design. I’ve been using it this way for probably three years or more.

  24. This is like discovering a secret society after believing you were The Only One. (We use the sugar canister as our lid weight) Thank you for the laughs, the creative ideas & the replacement parts contact info.

  25. Just goggled “Melitta Replacement Parts” and this site came up. I used an upside down coffee mug to keep the lid down. Called the customer service number listed her & just ordered lid and basket for $21.95 delivered. I could live with the lid but not the ripped basket. Great coffee pot!!!!

  26. My brother gave my sister a new Cuisinart for her B-Day to replace the Melitta with the broken latch. Now I have the Melitta with a rubber band to hold down the lid. I think I might try something like Duanes plastic drapery hook to make an outside latch.

  27. Hi

    We got the replacement lid from melitta but no instructions on how to install it – need help! Thanks

  28. Attn: Susan Reed. Call 800-233-9054 – they will email an attachment with instructions to install to you.

  29. I would also like to join the secret society. I am on Mill and Brew number six, but only three have been afflicted by the dreaded “lid tab” disease. Two have been left in place because I was threatened with bodily harm if I took them when I moved which is why I am moving towards double digits. Currently the proud owner of three (one fully functional and two with various weighted objects on the lid) Mill and Brews, I am as puzzled as everybody why Melitta can’t seem to come up with a fix. Thanks for the customer service numbers.

  30. Could the guy who used the plastic drapery hook give a more detailed description. That sounds like the ticket! I got my unit on Ebay five years ago. I have replaced the basket (also on Ebay) and now have the lid problem. I also LOVE my Melitta and would not use anything else!

  31. I am soooo glad I found all of the other Melitta society members out there. I have had my Melitta for five years. I replaced the basket soon after I bought it from an individual on Ebay. I found the basket on Ebay, too. I now have the latch problem. Thanks for all the great info. My husband also suggested a rock! It must be a guy thing. I like the idea of the drapery hook, but can’t seem to visualize the design. Can you provide more info on it? I am calling customer service as soon as they open. I will NEVER leave the brotherhood of Melitta!!!

  32. You guys are amazing – I had no idea that there was a Melitta M&B Lid Breakage Society! I’ve had my unit almost 4 years with daily use. The lid part just broke on it this morning and I thought I would need to replace the whole thing. After googling for replacement parts, I found this site. Current cost for the lid is $10.02 (including shipping to FL).
    The cust svc rep from the 1-800 # on the unit bottom was great. He told me how to replace it and also provided a tip on a longer life for the lid – when you close the lid, instead of letting it ‘snap’ shut, press the ‘release button’ that is used when you open the lid. This prevents undue pressure on the part when it is closed. He also assured me that that later models have had this issue corrected. I expect my replacement part in a week and will see how it goes…
    Coffee drinkers unite!

  33. Hi All,
    Great to hear we are not the only ones who wont give up our Melitta. We are still on our first one after 7.7 years. We use it everyday at least once. We have replaced the basket once also, but now we need to replace the basket again and the lid and the mill and brew latch in the back. I replaced the o-rings in the lid where the spreader tube fits in. these were old and leaking steam and water. I bought them at Home Depot. We also use the packing tape ritual to keep the lid closed. I have had to rewire the interlock switches inside due to corrosion and breaking. All in All this is the best darn coffee maker we have ever owned and will keep fixing it as long as we can.
    Good Brewing to all, Kevin

  34. Hey All,
    This was great, reading all these posts. I got my ‘mill and brew’ about 7 years ago. Then 2 years ago the catch on the lid broke. At first I was heartbroken. I’m always telling everyone about my fresh ground and brewed coffee every morning. I get coffee from all around the world. Then I had an idea. Velcro!! And it was so simple. My electronic toll counter has it, why not my coffee maker too. It works great, but as I see now I’ll call the number you all listed here for a new lid too. I am having trouble finding a new ‘black’ carafe as my daughter accidently broke the old one. There seems to be white only available. Will keep looking though, and thanks for leting me ramble on. Dick T in Florida

  35. Hello,
    Great to hear we are also not the only ones who don’t want to give up our Melitta. We need to replace the basket also but it only leaks a few grounds if you try hard you can keep it near in place so it only leaks about a tablespoon of grounds. This is the best coffee maker we have ever owned. My wife and I were really bummed when the latch broke where the lid comes down. We started using a Gevalia maker but we do not like it near as much. The maker does 12 cups but that is the only thing we like better. The mill and brew is smaller at 10 cups but the grinding is so much nicer than using a seperate grinder. We could not believe it when we saw all the people who loved this coffee maker so much. And to think…all we really needed was a rock or velcro….never thought of that! Tried calling Today after seeing all the info but closed Friday after Thanksgiving. I’ll be parts shopping on Monday when they are open again. Steve & Connie from

  36. We have had the same problem as everyone else after 3 years. Not only did the lid break, but our grinder/filter has several tears. You can order replacement parts on the eSalton website (Salton makes products for several major brands, including Melitta) at If you click, as if to order, on the Mill and Brew machine link then it allows you to choose replacement parts.

  37. This is so great — others who know my ‘secret shame’. I, too, am a Melitta Mill & Brew junkie. This morning my husband dropped the carafe and it shattered into a million pieces — I cried and ran to Dunkin’ Donuts. Additionally, after about 6 weeks of use one of the lock buttons on the mill & brew assembly popped off and I am holding the spring on now with only one post. Hoping to get both of these replaced by Customer Service on Monday. Googled replacement parts and this site came up. Glad to know that I am not alone. Still the best machine for the money in my opinion.

  38. What a hoot. I, too, am a Melitta M&B lover and wish to join the secret society. I can’t remember how long I’ve had it and have endured the broken latch and ripped basket (both repaired with duct tape) for a long time. I stumbled on this site while searching for replacement parts and considering the purchase a new one (who keeps a coffeemaker held together w/duct tape?) but prefer the elusive white machine. (Why did they quit making it?) I was considering trying a Cuisinart, but after reading all these comments will stick with the beloved M&B. I may have to compromise and get a black one, but I’ll try ordering replacement parts first. Thanks, Everyone, for your tips!

  39. It’s not surprising that a design failure in a coffeepot this good has a podcast. I bought mine for $40 at a liquidation store. To fix the lid, I drilled a hole in the case just below the button and inserted a small screw, around which I looped a piece of string, carefully tied to the right length. That is looped in turn around the useless button. Sometimes it slips off in mid brew but at least I don’t have to worry about a brick falling on my kitchen counters.
    I have considered both epoxy and aluminum duct tape for the leaking filter basket, but am a little concerned about noxious chemicals leaking into my coffee. I use this thing a lot. Sorry to hear it’s no longer made, and thanks for the links.

  40. We had been using a mortar (without the pestle) to hold the lid down on our handicapped Melitta M&B for a long time, but dropped a hint to the inlaws and got a Cuisinart Grind and Brew for Christmas. Unfortunately, the bean grinder/brew basket in the new machine doesn’t seem to hold enough beans to make a decent pot of coffee so I started to consider looking for the replacement part for the M&B. Glad I found this site for the tips and entertainment. I’m still not sure whether to fix or replace the lid, but I think I would caution against disabling the lid switch. Hate to see someone lose their finger and/or send coffee all over the kitchen.

  41. I feel very lucky and happy with our melitta. The wife and i found it on a clearance rack in target for $ 12.00. That was 3 1/2 years ago, and have never broken the lid or white tab, We did however finally get a small hole in the filter basket which is why im here looking for parts, and thanks to several people on this site i now have the numbers i need. Have a great new year.

  42. So glad I found this site. We needed a new basket and I have just ordered one, as well as a new lid, since our broke 2 yrs ago. We just hold it down for a few seconds until grind is under way, and it stays on after that.

  43. I just use velcro as a latch. Great item. THere seems to be a new model for 99. Wish I could find a stainless steel carafe

  44. Dear Melitta Anonymous (and not so anonymous!) family, you share my passion and pain….The joys of a truly easy delicious coffee brewing experience, the morning Grinding- Wake-Up Call….the pain of broken teeny parts…the ripped and torn tragic baskets…the secret shame of the “rock” the “Nyquill Bottle” or in my case the (wince) bag of powdered sugar….all part of the thrills and agonies of the “Melitta Life” Be honest…how many of you have secretly thought “maybe I should buy 2 or 3 in case they stop making them?…what would I do? Go back to the fussy, noisy, crummy Cuisinart?” NEVER!

    okay…hi guys…I just love this! Thanks for all the awesome advice! I will be calling Susan and getting instructions how to take apart my lid!

    Happy Brewing To All….And To All A Good Year!

  45. Soooo grateful to have contact numbers for replacement parts. We are proud owners of 3 Mill and Brews. 1 in daily use; 1 in semi-retirement in motor home; 1 still boxed in pantry as ‘back up.’ (NEVER want to live without). The 1st was purchased under the name Cooks Essentials on They stopped selling it and luckily found again by Melitta. Have also purchased 2 others and given as gifts.

    Lid latch broke on semi-retired model a couple of years ago; we patiently hold it down until grinding process is complete. No big deal. Bigger problem is the “teeth” on bottom of basket stripped and will not fully grind any longer. Anyone else experienced this problem???

    Thanks for everyone’s entertaining input — a joy to know you’re here and passionate about your Mill and Brew.

  46. It took three years for that ‘little broken latch’ to rear it’s ugly head. Like many before me, I looked to the almighty Google for wisdom and found this incredibly entertaining (and helpful) site. Who would have thought that help was merely a ‘1-800’ call away and was stamped right there on the bottom of the machine? But unlike some who found ‘the first replacement is free’, it costed me $14.95. The story went ‘it’s past the one year warranty’… Faced with a dilemma, continue using the ‘tape it down’ method or spring for $14.95, I elected the latter. I just hope the new lid/latch lasts longer than it would take to use $14.95 worth of tape…

  47. This is the BEST coffee pot. I have had mine for 9 years and haven’t replaced it because I thought it had been discontinued. It hasn’t though and if you go on the Melitta website you can buy it there plus there seems to be a new model. My lid has been broken for years. The Cuisinart is horrible, don’t replace your Melitta – just buy another one!

  48. I was just quoted the price of $22.45 for a new filter basket assembly (part number 30640) from Salton (800-947-3744). That’s kind of outrageouly expensive for a filter basket, which makes me think it’s for more than just the basket itself. However, she said it’s just the basket, nothing more. Does anyone know if the part number I’ve been given is for more than just the basket? Has anyone recently paid less than $20 for a filter basket, and if so, from where did it come? Our basket, which is several years old, is starting to tear along the top so I would definitely like to replace it.
    I’m debating between spending $25 for a new filter basket and $60 for an entire new unit – that would give me a replacement part for the carafe and the other tab part that always seems to break.
    P.S. You can typically find this item in your local grocery store for around $60-70.

  49. My latch too as been broken for about 4 years now. I just insert the handle of a plastic spoon in the gap on the hinge side of the lid to secure the lid. This works great. Just close the lid with your left hand while inserting the spoon handle with your right hand. I can do this with my eyes closed. Really, my eyes are closed a lot in the morning before I get that first cup of the best brewed coffee I’ve ever found.

  50. My Mill and Brew experienced the issue with the lid as well. I just weight it down with an old butter dish I had. It works fine. My son’s mill and brew has the same problem. I was “delighted” to read all the other stories about the same issue! I love my Mill and Brew!

  51. I feel bad that I’ve had mine for a good 10 years+… I may have set myself up here. But, I tore the basket and will now see what they can do for me on the 800 number. THANKS and enjoyed the reads…

  52. Well, our tab has broken now, too. The Melitta website now says to contact the following for replacement parts:
    They have a website (, but I don’t see it listed there, so you’ll need to call.

  53. We bought ours in 2003 and have been living with the broken latch for the last 4 years. Now the basket is torn and we were looking into replacing the unit with a new one. Just called the 800 number. The cost for both (new latch & new filter basket) including shiping is $20.09 USD. Thanks so much for the info.

  54. We love our Mill and Brew so well have two and travel with it. Using the 800 number, we have replaced 3 tops in over 10 years. The company is A-1 to deal with. After making the call, they promised to have the new lid to us in 5 days. They are the greatest!

  55. You can buy a 98 cent brass
    “mini latch” at almost any good hardware store. It attaches with (4) “mimi” screws and will hold the lid down just fine.

    San Diego, CA

  56. I have 2 Mill & Brew (white & thermal) and have broken filters, lids, & the glass pot. The 800 number works, but they charge $10 for shipping 1 item and $7 per each additional item plus the cost of the item. That’s too rich for my blood. I’m finding it cheaper to just get a new coffee maker. After dealing with the cheap parts for several years, I’m definitely NOT buying a Melitta product again. Looking at the fox-international website, I’m staying away from Black & Decker and all their other ones as well.

  57. I feel validated seeing all these comments, as we too have loved our Mill and Brew but am annoyed by the broken lid latch for the second time. The first time I ordered a replacement lid was in 2004 and it cost me $5.42. I was impressed with their service at that time.
    I can’t say the same for their customer service today. When I called just now they wanted $16.50 for the same part! That’s took steep a price increase for me. I’ll try the velcro or other latch “fixes” that you all have suggested.

  58. you can use a rubberband, put it under the piece that the basket fits into, then over the lid, i find that this works very well

  59. my lid latch has also broken, called the 800# for the Fox-International and after a long hold, was advised that I needed the part number. Hello, it’s the lid latch, right? She advised me to look online and get the part number and call back with the part number, she couldn’t give me a price because I didn’t have a part number, can anyone advise of the part number for the lid latch, the manual calls it the reservoir cover. We did try the super glue and so far, so good, noted the advise to press the latch release to close rather than pressing until it clicks to protect it from breaking again.

  60. Thanks for all the information people have compiled here. I searched around to see if I could order another Mill and Brew, but can’t find it!

    Just ordered a filter basket and it will be $23.90 total with S&H. But back-ordered so I won’t get it until mid-March.

    I looked at the newer Smart Mill and Brew but it has mixed reviews on and with the much higher cost, didn’t seem worth the risk!

  61. I too had the plastic latch hook break off of the filter basket top and had to resort to putting a coffee can on top to keep it down. I tried rubber bands too, they worked fine.

    Luckily, I found this website and called fox-international and I must have gotten lucky because the person was able to find the part number. It’s 30636B. It cost about $18 with shipping. It was a little tricky to replace it (2 screws on the inside and 2 hidden screws on the outside), but now our Melitta Mill& Brew is running like new!

  62. I just received the replacement lid and took out the 2 inside crews. I can’t find the 2 hiddn screws on the outside. Help!

  63. I am trying to replace a smashed carafe and just got off the phone with Fox International after a frustrating web search. I spent about 45 minutes on hold (that’s how desperate I am to keep this machine) and they no longer carry that part or the machine at all. They offered to replace it with a Black and Decker model that has pretty bad reviews on Amazon, so I think I’m going to keep looking for the carafe online. Does anyone have any ideas where to find a replacement carafe or if I could just use a carafe from a different coffee maker?

  64. Just called the 800 number and they do not make the carafe anymore. We just broke our carafe. By the way, replacement filters are now $24.90 with shipping/handling. The price seems to creep up every few months for these replacement parts.

  65. I’m glad I found this site as I just broke my carafe. I LOVE this machine, ever since my now husband gave it to me for a birthday gift. I’ve tried every replacement carafe in BBB…anyone with any luck?

  66. We broke our carafe to our Melitta Mill and Brew and could not find a replacement- calling customer service told me also that they are no longer available. We went out and purchase a 12c Mr Coffee carafe that has been working for us. We have to turn it just right to get the tight fit so it will drip but workds great. Only downsize is that it is a white carafe in our black machine! 🙂

  67. We got ours for a wedding gift back in 2001. we have replaced our filter basket and i am now in need of another one. i have looked into getting a different coffee maker but can’t bring myself to part with this one. our lid piece broke also but I just hold it down until the grinder starts then i walk away. we have replaced the carafe as well – our machine was black and all they had available was white. i thought that would be it for us and we would have to buy a new coffee maker but on another website someone suggested buying the white carafe and simply switched the handle so we did that. i don’t think that i could ever switch coffee makers!

  68. I got my original melitta mill and brew in 2006 as a birthday gift from my now husband. although i’ve been fortunate enough not to have the “latch problem” yet, i have had a broken carafe. I just replaced it with a carafe from BBB from some other brand because when i called the number their only answer was “we dont make that anymore. your warranty doesnt cover you anymore” and there was nothing they could do for me. Now i have a problem where the machine will grind the coffee but then thats it…wont brew the water. wont even get the warming plate hot….i know the customer service is not going to be helpful. any ideas?

  69. The lid to the filter/grinder basket on ours broke after two years. I contacted Applica via e-mail; they sent me a phone number to call. Bought two replacements (since it will obviously break again!) and saved significantly on shipping on the second one.

    Here’s the contact information:
    To purchase a part or accessory item, we ask that you call 1-800-738-0245 (Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., ET) for price and availability. All major credit cards are accepted. Please have the model number, and date code of your product when placing the call.

  70. Just ordered a new lid for mine at a cost of $19.97 shipped to my home in Texas. Thanks for the number.

  71. Our filter basket needs replaced and when I do a search on the web – all I get is info on a NEW Mill & Brew!!! EEK!!! What is the best place to call to get a replacement filter basket only?

  72. I have had the same problem…..2 pots, replaced the parts on the second coffee maker and they are broke again. Don’t know what to do. Love this coffee maker, but without duct tape it’s useless.

  73. Hey y’all melitta owners. I need a basket since a thumb has pushed the bottom edege out and coffee grinds d their way into the other wise delicious coffee. I have call that lovely long wait 800# and found out that that part is nolonger available nad that this product is nolonger made. I really do not want to buy another maker. I just too stimulated to be replacing an appliance that still works. Any suggestions?

  74. Hi!, I just wanted to say what an awsome coffe maker it is! And what the hell was the Melita Co. thinking when they discontinued this model. My grind and brew came with the house I just bought and I was trying to find one to buy as a gift for my neice and her husband for Christmas. Thanks for all the info.
    Mark Mangiardi,Alturas,Ca.

  75. The carafe for the Mill and Brew that Fits Models MEMB1B, MEMB1W & ME1MSB Coffeemakers is available again from the Melitta Website – I have been searching for a carafe for over a year!!! Limit 2 per person. I just ordered 2 🙂

  76. in replacing the lid, i broke the spreader tube that screws into the lid. i phoned the 800# on the bottom of the pot and was told that part was not available. any ideas on where to obtain one or does someone have 1 to part out? Any help would be appreciated.

  77. Call Fox-International at 800-321-6993. They sell a replacement lid with latch called “grinder lid lock” for this model. It’s about $18 with delivery. You might wnat to order 2 for future breakage. This is a great coffee pot.

  78. Maybe if enough of us e-mail melitta they will bring it back (hopefully with an improved latch.) When I messaged them “”: They wrote, “Regretfully the Mill & Brew coffeemakers are out of production and are not available. We have changed manufacturing partners and will have a new line of coffeemakers in April. The Mill & Brew will not be included.
    This model has not been in stock for the past year”

  79. does anyone know the value of the thermal cut off of a melita mill and brew [it is in series with the heating elemen shuts unit off when coffe is made]

  80. I posted extra carafes and baskets I had for sale – they have been sold. Thanx!

  81. I am on my third Melitta and very sad that I think it’s time has come to an end. 🙁 Has anyone had any luck finding another coffee maker with grinder in it? I was looking at these and would like to hear the comparison on these from another Melitta lover. This line still seems like it has a lot of parts compared to my much beloved Melitta.

  82. I just purchased a Capresso Team grind and brew from Macy’s. Sending it back tomorrow. the grinder will not grind finely enough and after making four pots and changing all of the options for strong, fine, etc. it still did not make strong enough coffee. We have a great espresso machine, so I’m not looking for espresso/strong coffee, just robust morning every day coffee. Sorry to have to send it back, it looked well made and was very atractve. We’re going to limp along with our Mellita Mill and Brew until it totally goes belly up….

  83. Duct tape on the plastic part of the basket covered a hole and gorilla glue on the mesh solved a tear; velcro on the latch and we’re still milling and brewing ; going on 10 years; no visible side effects yet from brewing duct tape and gorilla glue! :o)

  84. I got the replacement lid. However, I can’t figure out to replace it.
    Can somebody help?

  85. The lid comes off with little screws under the scalding warning on the outside and the 2 little screws on the underside. Peel the scalding warning sticker off and all will be revealed. I have to order another lid also. Replaced once about 3 years ago. It’s the slamming it shut that causses them to crack – and not being very robust.

  86. Thanks so much everyone for all the posts!! You all made it very easy to get replacement carafes! My mill lid has been broken for years and i’ve been putting something heavy on top or use rubber bands. I like the velcro idea and think i’ll try that one next. Maybe it wont look so pathetic. It still works great so that’s all the really matters, right? I really don’t want to pay $20-30 to fix that when there is a workaround.

    Happy Mill & Brewing to all!

  87. Love this machine but this morning it ground the beans and then nothing. I am in panic mode as I recently found out they are disconinued. Any suggestions as to why it will not brew??

  88. This is a nice machine. I had the problem with the breaking latch as well. I just jammed a toothpick into the ‘safety button hole’ – what the closed lid pushes down. You could also use a small screw. That permanently overrides the safety, so don’t open the lid, remove the basked cover, take the beans out and poke your fingers down into the blades while the machine is spinning!

    I need help with this:
    On the bottom of the basked is a small cylindrical part with cogs inside. This engages the spinning motor and so spins the blades around.
    My cogs are stripped! Can anyone with a broken machine send me the whole basked assembly, or else just unscrew the blades inside and send me this protruding clog cylinder, so I can replace mine? The blades inside the basked just unscrew counter clockwise.
    Many thanks!


  89. Does anybody know if the mesh basket is still available and have a number to call?
    For those with the little white button problem. We use the end of a popsicle stick. – works fine. Nov. 2010

  90. this is my seconmd one as well. Same darned thing happened. Looks like they could make the lid catch a bit stronger. My first one dd exactly the same thing .Presently I am taping the lid shut each time but I plan to order me a new lid come monday morning….But as for my mill and brew, I just LOVE it!!!

  91. There is a simple fix for the broken latch. Take a rubber band (the size that you find on a bundle of asparagus works great) and slip it through the slots where the latches are on the bottom of the basket assembly. then just stretch it up and over the the latch. It will work for months before you need to replace the rubber band.

  92. I Just had to laugh when I read all of these posts. We loved our Melitta and I am so disappointed to hear it is no longer made. My husband HATES the Cuisinart one–too much work to clean. It seems as though every non-essential part on ours did break and then some essential ones. We did the hold the lid down while it grinds routine and everything. Oh well.

  93. Wow! All you die-hard Melitta fans!!! It’s hard to believe that a product so well loved – could ever be discontinued! Would you believe I have a brand new replacement carafe, still in the box… and I never had the coffee maker! I recently paid $5 for it -at a thrift store, because I thought it would fit my friend’s coffee maker…. but it doesn’t! so if anyone is in the So CA area and interested- you can E-mail a message to Sandy … .

  94. I am heartbroken! After much much much searching I found this plethora of melitta lovers all in agreeance that this coffeemaker should never have been discontinued and I found so many helpful suggestions and numbers to call. After finally getting ahold of someone (currently salton and applica merged and the number to reach them is 1-800-233-9054 or you can search for parts on I explained that I was in need of a new filter basket for my coffeemaker and did not see it listed on the fox international website. She was very helpful and gave me the order number for the basket but said it appeared to be no longer available and gave me another number within the company to call and verify. After sitting on hold for over half an hour a nice guy named Matt confirmed the worst for me that there were no more filter baskets available for the mill and brew and unless I can find a nice soul selling on online somewhere I’m basically out of luck! 🙁 Thanks for all your help mill and brew lovers and if any of you happens to find a filter basket or a way to get them in the future please let me know!!!

  95. ok ok I take it all back, LOL. I couldn’t give up searching after I posted about my failed attempts! I kept looking and found another blog of another mill and brew lover who had just gotten a new filter basket in October 2010. He got it through melitta themselves! Who would have thought to call the actual company?!? LOL, well when they list alternate numbers to call and don’t have the parts listed on their website I never considered calling them direct either! So they will only allow you to purchase 2 filter baskets but considering how long the first one lasted I think we’ll be ok- maybe I’ll call back in a few months and see if I can stock up again 😉 haha. Their number is 1-888-melitta (1-888-635-4882). The price is completely reasonable too- about $7 plus shipping, I got two baskets with shipping for about $20. Absolutely worth it to keep using this fantastic coffeemaker! Here is the website of the other blog that I found incase you’d like to add it to your favorites too incase of any changes in the future that this guy may update us with!
    Happy brewing to all of you!!

  96. I was wondering if anyone had the Mill and Brew Assembly this is the outer part that holds the filter and has the check valve (lock button) on the end to stop the brewing while pouring a cup. This is for the Mill & Brew ME1MSB.

  97. I received a Melitta Mill and Brew from my mother. I THINK the heating element went out, but not completely sure. The pot is in great condition, as well as the unit itself (except for the heating element, I guess). Would like to get it to someone who needs parts. If interested, please contact me at

  98. I’ve had this coffee maker for many years and wouldn’t trade it for anything. I had the same problem with the latch braking and called Melita’s customer service on their website and they send me a replacement free of charge and received it in the mail within 3 days

  99. Just spoke with Melitta parts. They have the grinder basket for $13.95 (price includes shipping). NO carafes though. They told me the universal replacement carafe would not fit. Anyone have any luck finding a carafe that will work?

  100. i wrote them and begged to bring the Mill and Brew back. I got a Cuisinart after my melitta latch broke for the second time and i hate it! ton of parts to clean . Melitta was simply better. Hope they bring one back

  101. You won’t believe what I found yesterday, for all the Melitta Grind and Brew fans. Go to Walmart they are marketing Better Homes and Gardens Grind and Brew. It is the exact same coffee pot just in a different packaging.

  102. I’ve found that JB Weld (in Home Depot) works out real well in fixing the tears in the screens since they are no longer available.

  103. I just need a new carafe that will fit on the machine. I’ve dealt with the broken latch, replaced the filter basket housing (the locking toggles will break off if you drop it while cleaning) but now am told the original equipment supplier making the carafe has gone out of business. Can anyone find anything that will work?

  104. OK, my latch broke. I also had to replace the basket because of the stripped cog.

    In my opinion: when the latch fails to hold the basket down it jumps up and down enough for the gear to strip the cog (name?). After replacing the basket I then held my hand on the top during the grind. This not only held the lid down but also insured good solid contact between the gear and cog, and prevented the wearing of the cog down. I’ve been using the second basket for a lot longer than what the first one lasted. (I don’t know what the parts are actually called.)

  105. To fix the broken latch on the lid I drilled a hole in a penny. (off set to one side, not centered) Screw it to the plastic top so that penny will rotate over and hold the lid down. Use a small stainless steel sheet metal screw. Cost of the fix about 7 cents. So far mine has worked fine for over three years this way.

    1. Months have passed. Most replacement parts are no longer available. Of many methods to compensate for the broken lid piece I’ve found this the best: Instead of putting weight on lid, holding with hands or using messy tape, try drilling two ~1/16″ holes though the plastic near the top of the brewing housing on opposite sides so an arc between them would cross the center of the lid. Holes should be approx 1/3″ from the top edge. Then cut ~ 8.5 ” length of unstranded plastic coated wire, shape it over the top of the lid when closed. One end semi-permanently is hooked through one hole, bent tight enough inside not to interfere with inserting the brewing basket. The other end should be bent like a “C” just long enough to fit into the other hole yet short enough not to touch the basket and so it can easily be pulled out to remove. Fiddle with the length and tightness so it holds the lid completely closed when hooked in yet not too tight to remove by pulling out the shorter hook and swinging the wire “strap” out of the way to open the lid and remove the basket. I’ve used this around fifty brewings, wire and coating haven’t burned, blackened or gone slack — and if they should, would be easy to make another “strap.” It’s possible putting wire in and out of far hole may eventually erode too large a hole, but so far doesn’t seem a problem. Nothing leaks out of the holes which are only slightly lower than the lid, well above grounds and brewing area. This seems closest to an intact latch, a bit harder to use but definitely more robust than the original. It even looks pretty good — or would if not for gooey residue of duct tape and velcro straps I used before figuring out this better way. This has worked well so far for about 6 months; haven’t had to replace the wire yet.

  106. Who knew a coffee pot could have such a following?

    I have had my grind and brew for about 8 years. I don’t have a weather station nearby, but that’s ok. I broke the carafe several months ago. Using a 6 cup French Press in the time being. Searched the resale stores for the right sized replacement… luck. Thought my beloved grind and brew was headed to Goodwill until I found y’all! Ordering a replacement carafe and all the other common replacement parts everyone is talking about. Some of the urban engineering efforts going on here are just a riot. I know, it’s just a coffee pot, but some folks have a real attachment to it.

  107. The plastic hook broke on mine. Then I started researching. I guess I’m lucky that mine lasted so long. It’s not that I’m emotionally attached this coffee maker… just frustrating that such a small piece can keep the whole thing from working, and annoying that you can’t get replacement parts! For now, mine works with the lid just a hair open. Otherwise, I can weigh it down or wedge something between it and the cabinet above it. I’ll probably get the Black & Decker one eventually… but for now, I’m being stubborn and limping along. Ha!

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