Short Message Silo


Jaiku’s growth strategy is getting Twitter’s overflow. But only if you look at it from a winner-take-all, one-silo-for-everyone, perspective.

Look at email. I like Apple’s Lots of other people like Gmail. I still know people that swear by Eudora. Despite the different applications, we all still get the messages from each other. The short message space is exactly the same.

Yeah, I’ve got an account at both Jaiku and Twitter, and this morning I signed up at ShoutAt [screencast].

In the same way I don’t know which email client people write their email in (yet, we still have community and friendship), Twitter and Jaiku and MySpace and Last.FM and LinkedIn silos need to melt away.

Then they’ll actually be useful. Not just today’s overbooked, over-hyped hang-out.

To the rescue: Thanks for the pointer Harold.

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