Something Keeps Burning

Lots of chatter about the usefulness and relevance of FeedBurner since the Google acquisition 1. Chris Baskind formalizes it by updating the reasons not to use Feedburner to cache your feeds.

“FeedBurner is showing its age. While Google has ignored its new baby, technology has been steaming ahead.” – Chris Baskind

Baskind’s analysis is more publisher-oriented than my reader-oriented and parser-oriented issues with the service; Part 1, Part 2.

On the flip side, I give FeedBurner kudos for their focus and going deep on single, specific, simple, offering.

1. Hopefully, conventional wisdom about being acquired by Google will soon/now be equated to completely shutting a service down. AppEngine, if anything, is a thin lifeline to a not-customers of acquired services.

2 thoughts on “Something Keeps Burning

  1. I’ve heard tons of complaints about Feedburner… which is why I still use plain-ol-rss for my blog.

    Which service is better than Feedburner?

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