Something’s Burning

My 2 most recent pet peeves:

  1. Permalinks that are actually Feedburner redirects.
  2. Feed links that are actually Feedburner landing pages

Anyone else or just me?

Some elaboration as requested by Jake Parrillo from the Publisher Services Team:


Thanks for the note.

To start, I use NetNewsWire as my aggregator.

By redirects, I mean the tag of an item being a Feedburner link redirecting to, rather than being, the item’s permalink. When I’m quoting and linking to the item, I want the actual permalink. Today, to get it, I need to load the Feedburner link into a browser and wait for the redirect, then grab the permalink. Artificially inflating pageviews and generally slowing me down.

Yes, by ‘landing page’, I was referring to the “Browser Friendly” pages. When I clicked the feed link, I expected the feed url to be passed to NetNewsWire. With the “Browser Friendly” pages; I need to first realize that I need to take an action, then make a selection, then the url gets added to NNW. Again, slowing me down and not what I expect to occur.

4 thoughts on “Something’s Burning

  1. Hey there Garrick,

    We hate to be source of anyone’s pet peeves! I need a bit more info to see if I can clear this up.

    What do you mean by redirects? And…landing pages? Are you speaking to our “Browser Friendly” page that a publisher has implemented?

    You can send us a note to if you have any feedback!

    Jake Parrillo
    Publisher Services Team

  2. Ahhh…Garrick,

    I understand your concerns. FeedBurner does nothing to a publishers feed that the publisher doesn’t opt into. We don’t hijack any feeds/clicks from anyone, rather we republish a feed and add any tools that the publisher has selected.

    We certainly don’t want to be on anyone’s “pet peeve” list so if you have any other feedback, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

    Jake Parrillo
    Publisher Services Team

  3. Jake,

    I understand what Feedburner does, that it’s all publisher opt-in, and the metrics-benefit of the things I list above. To me, both a reader and a publisher, these are bugs not features.

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