Source Material

The following brought great joy, optimism, and purpose to my morning:

“Journalism itself is becoming obsolete….I happen to think journalism was a response to publishing being expensive. It cost a lot of money to push bits around the net before there was a net. They had to have huge capital-intensive printing plants, fleets of trucks and delivery boys with paper routes. Now we can hear directly from the sources and build our own news networks. It’s still early days for this, and it wasn’t that long ago that we depended on journalists for the news. But in a generation or two we won’t be employing people to gather news for us. It’ll work differently.” – Dave Winer

“I tried to solve the problem by leaving Silicon Valley, and writing software I believe in, and doing the best I can. For me it’s never been primarily about money. I like money, up to a point — but I’m really in it for the wonderful things you can do with the tech.” – Dave Winer

One thought on “Source Material

  1. With rare exceptions, people don’t commit acts of journalism with social media. They *share* other people’s acts of journalism. And yes, there are more people committing acts of journalism, empowered by digital publishing tools, but that doesn’t make professional journalists obsolete.

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