Based on Greg Olsen’s Going Bedouin article, “Startbucks” defines a small team of entrepreneurs, 3-5 people, working on the next great business from geographically disparate coffee houses, collaborating via internet access.

In the Experience Economy, this is free office space for the price of coffee (in contrast to free coffee for the price of office space).

Based on this history of this blog, I get one made-up-word a year. That’s cool. Like the others, I submitted this one to I’ll update this post if/when it’s accepted.

Update 1 Apr 2006: Startbucks is now in the pseudodictionary

2 thoughts on “Startbucks

  1. I’m the principal editor for the PseudoDictionary. I googlestumbled across this site while egosurfing “pseudodictionary.”

    Don’t believe I’ve run across “startbucks” as a submittal for the pd. Either you forgot to submit it or I managed to delete it by accident without accepting it. If you’ve submitted it, please try again.


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