“Statistically Nobody is Listening to Your Podcast”

“…at the beginning of the year Feedburner had 1 million subscriptions to podcasts it helped deliver. That number has now grown to 5 million subscribers for 71,000 podcasts. For you math fans, that means the average podcast has … 70 subscribers. – Frank Barnako”

(emphasis mine.)

70 is a great number. It’s not a number that makes sense for advertisers – it’s statistically zero (credit to Dave Slusher for the quote titling this post). Well, until we can accurately measure influence and caring.

“But it is a number that can find your friends, like thinkers and make you feel that you are talking to more than 3 people.” – Kris Smith.

Exactly. Mass voicemail.


“”The average blog has exactly one reader: the blogger.” – Eric Schmidt, CEO Google, via Jeff Jarvis

3 thoughts on ““Statistically Nobody is Listening to Your Podcast”

  1. When I’m talking to people who are contemplating starting a personal blog and don’t know what to write, I often say that they should just view the blog like they would mass email.

    The stuff they’d send out to 2+ people by email before (family updates, neat stuff they found, etc.) is pretty much what a blog is, without bothering them with email.

    My blog is pretty much the stuff that I want to share with someone and, upon turning to those around me, either don’t find someone who’d be interested or those who would be interested are absent.

    So, when I’m at home and have a programming breakthrough, and only my wife is in the house (and she’s decidedly not interested in how I got the Amazon SOAP API to cooperate), I share it on the site instead.

    If I can think of anyone I know, personally or online, who might be interested in hearing it if I were to share it in person, it makes the cut for the site.

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