Stranger than Fiction: Best Movie by 13 Minutes

13 minutes in, I declared Stranger than Fiction the best movie I’ve seen in 2 years. A result of the crisp cinematography, the “Pop-up Video”-esque info-graphics, the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy-esque narration, a storyline in the vein of Being John Malcovich or Fight Club, and engaging performances by Will Ferrell, Maggie Gyllenhall, and Emma Thompson.

This is also the first film in memory that discusses the very bloggy theme of the author being changed by their work.

2 thoughts on “Stranger than Fiction: Best Movie by 13 Minutes

  1. I agree. I watched this movie last week when I was recovering from surgery. The next night I watched it again with my wife. I’m usually not ready to re-watch a movie that soon.

    It played with narrative form, the line between tragedy and comedy and managed to be some of each, without getting muddy.

  2. This movie joins the short list of one of the all time best…the connection between destiny vs cause and effect is inspirational and entertaining. The chemistry between Maggie Gylellenhall and Will Farrell was surprisingly poignant and Ema Thompson never disappoints…but what made this movie extraordinary and added another dimension of creativity and depth was the pop-up graphics that personified the underlying theme… adding style, drama and so much personality to Harold Crick’s wrist watch…which played a big supporting role.

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