Studio 60 – Best Show on Television

Sure, I’ve probably said this about ever Aaron Sorkin production…save West Wing (it just didn’t click with me). The writing in all his programs is superb, the characters – real, the situations – idealized without being unrealistic, drama without cheese or melodarama. Life.

Though, if history is any indication – Studio 60 won’t be on for much longer. Perhaps that’s one of the benefits – the need to savor each one because there aren’t that many.

Like really good, imported Belgian chocolate.

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One thought on “Studio 60 – Best Show on Television

  1. Just completed watching Studio 60 on DVD(The complete series).
    All I can say is that Arron Sorkin came up with another winner!
    (Im also a huge West Wing fan!). The writing and characters were
    superb! It will be sorely missed!

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