Subdomain_fu and Destroying Authlogic Sessions with link_to_remote

I’ve been fighting with a bug that doesn’t properly sign a person out from a subdomain (using a combination of Authlogic and Subdomain_fu)

The sign out link looks like this:

< %= link_to_remote "Sign Out", :url => {:controller => 'person_sessions', :action => 'destroy', :subdomain => false}, :method => :delete -%>

While the session was destroyed, the AJAX updates confirming it – were not being made. Turns out, the cross-subdomain AJAX request was the culprit. To fix it, remove the :subdomain declaration.

< %= link_to_remote "Sign Out", :url => {:controller => 'person_sessions', :action => 'destroy'}, :method => :delete -%>

As you were.