Summer Camp Hookie

On this beautiful Saturday, I missed PublicRadioCamp. Unfortunate for many reasons, including – many of my favorite people in town were there. Hell, some of my favorite people in town organized it.

Instead, I had one of the best days ever with my family.

Our Day

  1. Sleep until after 7am
  2. Pick up a few things from the Minneapolis Farmers’ Market
  3. Grab a Coffee
  4. Take a Leisurely Stroll through the Sculpture Garden
  5. Home in time for lunch
  6. “Nap” – I finished my book club book during nap time, while the kids didn’t sleep soundly in their beds 😉
  7. A walk to Audobon Park for a dip, some swings, and an afternoon coffee.
  8. An amazing Pea-Mint-Leek soup dinner
  9. Mixing up bread dough with the boy before bedtime.
  10. A quiet Netflix and wine with Jen after bedtime.

After all that, I’m catching up what I missed with Bob Collins Off to Camp post. Good stuff.