Sunday, March 4, 2007 10:12:22 AM

I’m using Basecamp for a couple of client projects – and my biggest issue with the very popular project management system is that I can’t reply to the email alerts. WordPress has post-by-email. So, I wonder if WordPress (and WordPress mu) could be a more flexible alternative for web-based project management.

4 thoughts on “Sunday, March 4, 2007 10:12:22 AM

  1. in theory, this would be a great idea. here’s what is lacking.
    1) mu is real buggy
    2) you would need a strong wiki for WP. if there is a good one out there, someone let me know. ideally would be a bridge between wp and mediawiki, that would be real sweet.

  2. A more loosely coupled structured could also solve the problem of federated projects that heavy basecamp members are running into (both parties use basecamp, but the project only exists on one side).

  3. asset/content contribution, idea scratch boards, or collaboration areas.. WP could handle this, but I think Wiki does a better job.

    What I really need is mu/mediawiki/bbpress merged into one application.

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