T-82 and Counting

Back from a week’s vacation, tanned, rested, and ready. A lot has happened, and this morning I put a few more wheels in motion. Lots of smaller things that have been sitting on the To Do list for way too long.

The road construction outside the home office is mostly over – enough so I’m contemplating moving the office out of doors.

As part of today’s productivity purge, I’ve kicked off a new project. One I’ve been tossing around for far too long – and like the things above, on the To Do List for far too long.

That said, this project has an arbitrary 82-day deadline. Tick. Tock.

Here’s what I’m happy to share about the project at this point: it’s a Ruby-on-Rails app and one of the major goals is to test the recurring themes of the Work Better blog.

More will be revealed as the deadline draws near.