The Better Beatles

Over the weekend, we picked up a little stuffed IKEA octopus (technically a pentapus) for C. On the drive back, I remembered of working the strawberry fields listening to the Beatles on a cassette Walkman over and over and over again (an irony I only now see). Discovering and rediscovering each album.

As I tried to recall the lyrics to Octopus’s Garden, Jen and I started talking about the best Beatles ablum. I agree with Mr. Slusher, it’s not St. Pepper.

While St. Pepper was also one of my first CDs, I think any album on either side of the Beatles discography has aged better. Off the top of my head, better albums are;

  1. Revolver (Good Day Sunshine, Got to Get You into My Life)
  2. Abbey Road (Here Comes the Sun, She Came in Through the Bathroom Window)
  3. White Album (Happiness is a Warm Gun, Dear Prudence)

In St. Pepper’s defense – it’s a concept album and if memory serves, everyone in the band has a different name in the liner notes. So, it could be argued that it’s not even a proper Beatles album. 😉

Elsewhere Aug 05, 2008

“Revolver is by far the Beatles strongest and most impressive album.” – Emily Wilson

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