The Elmer’s Glue of Home Improvement

This weekend, Jen’s parents came by to help us finish some projects around the house. The projects we’ve procrastinated for a year now and just needed a dedicated time to complete.

The list included:

  • Install crown molding in the bedroom
  • Repair and paint walls in the hall closet
  • Repair and paint walls in the hallway to the upstairs
  • Make a plan for the landscaping the yard

The work went surprisingly quick. I attribute the speed to liberal use of the Loctite Power Grab construction adhesive Jen’s parents with them and her dad being an expert crown molder.

Power Grab is like Elmer’s glue for weekend warriors. We smeared it on the wall, massaged the molding into place, then started nailing. Sure beats holding a 13-foot board above your head while someone’s wailing on it with a hammer.

At some point I’m sure it’ll come in handy for landscaping – just not this weekend.