4 thoughts on “The Old House Has Been Demo’d

  1. How amazing and relevant is it, that Grandma’s house is being demolished as she is struggling for her exsistance as well? Karma?, Destiny? I never have believed in coincidence. Isn’t there poetry in the life cycle? Giving ground for the new generation? Garrick, I read your goal list, a novel in 30 days — I did that once, I will share with you if you would like — but I think this year will be my topic…the cycle of life in all forms, not disinteresting to me is also the transformation your street went through just as you moved in – coincidence? I think not. Anyway, good to see you and my buddy Coop, at the hospital! xoxox Dawn

  2. Oh hey, by the by – Don’t share with my father or Uncle Ted these pics right now. Too disturbing. The only house that they knew they were safe in. Grandma Hannah made this their home.

  3. Hey, Garrick,

    What’s the scoop with the old pad? Why are the new owners demo-ing it? I was out of the loop for that one…

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