The Serenity of Affligem

If I haven’t praised the beer buyer at St. Anthony Village Liquors before – well, it’s about time. I picked up a sixer of Affligem. A tasty, tasty Belgian Abbey Blond tracing it’s history back to 1074 (900 years older than me, that’s a beer!) and for the last half-dozen years been half-owned by Heineken.

I picked it up on a fluke and have been very pleased. The first sip of the first bottle, took me all the way back to the simplicity of the Reinheitsgebot. (Despite it perhaps not being compliant – I haven’t investigate throughly). It’s yeasty and complex without being overwhelming (like say a Westmalle). A beer, that like a good dog, sits patiently at your side.

Anyway, it’s proved a wonderful companion both for late evening programming and watching Joss Whedon’s Firefly off the Netflix. Firefly is pretty well written, the Victorian-esque language is quite enjoyable and the sci in the sci-fi is kept to a minimum (enough to remind you, not enough to be tech-y). After scratching my head a bit through Serenity, and deja vu-ing through Disc 1 of the series, disc 2 is entertaining and surprising.

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