The Sploggy Site of the Street

There are at least 2 different internets. One with popups, popunders, spasm-inducing Flash banner ads, and the actual, unique information squeezed to the size of an IAB standard microbar. The other, without. Until now, this latter internet was filled with RSS feeds from blogs with real people behind them.

Until now. Until Splogs.

Back in August Mark Cuban outlined the splog problem. I didn’t think anything of it until today. While doing research on a vertical market I’m not versed in, the first page of Technorati results were useless, uninformative, non-helpful splogs. Blech.

Perhaps my query terms are being too generic. Asking Google for ‘digital camera’ won’t tell you answer anything more specific than, “What does Google return for ‘digital camera'”. So, I’ll try being more specific.

A tip for business bloggers out there: Running a business blog on is the equivalent of running a business off a Hotmail or AOL email address. It doesn’t help build credibility.

UPDATE 16 October 2005: If my standing Technorati searches are any indications, yes as Tim Bray said, we have a splog emergency on our hands. I’m reading right now to figure out how.

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