There’s No Accounting for Taste

From my perspective, transparency is about being up front about biases. Objectivity is an unachievable. Covering all sides of anything equally and without a subjective adjective is not only futile, it makes for a boring read. The prerequisite for making anything interesting is a perspective, a slant, some reason to care. Without that reason, why bother?

I like pizza.

One of the most popular posts here is my two year-old review of Punch Pizza. As you can glean from the title, I didn’t have a great time. I said so. Nine people came by, some agreed, others disagreed, ‘CDSIII’ wrote a very lengthy piece arguing Punch was the best pizza in the nation. While I’m very grateful for the comments, they don’t change my less than superb experience that evening. Nor did that single experience keep me from giving my money to Punch in the 2 years since.

I don’t search out objectivity. Nor do I expect it from anyone I read. Whether I’m looking for the best French Toast in the Twin Cities, a good wine for dinner, or anything else. I only care about really good or really bad experiences, and I search out lots of them (objectivity through aggregation).

So Tim, rate and review what you’re interested in. I know you like fruit-forward wines. If a wine you’re involved in isn’t fruit-forward, I trust you won’t rate it very highly.