This Blog Isn’t Paying My Mortgage…Yet

We didn’t win the lottery last night. Thankfully, Tim from Winecast sent over the How Much is Your Blog Worth calculator based on the AOL-Weblogs, Inc deal.

Looks like I’m well on my way to easy street…as long as I keep typing…..must keep typing….fingers burn…must keep typing…

  • $57,018.54 –
  • $ 6,774.48 – – the podcast really lives at so I’m sure the “real” number is somewhere in between 😉
  • $27,662.46 – Working Pathways’ Work Better Weblog
  • $16,371.66 – (then it’d have to split it a dozen ways)
  • $564.54 – Podumentary (this one’s split 3 ways)

Grand Total: $ 93,007.96.

A friend of mine has the Chicago Cubs World Series Retirement Plan – he sets aside funds each year to see the cubbies play the series. Then, when they don’t it goes into a retirement fund.

Welcome to my fully-diversified, fully-tongue-in-cheek Weblog Retirement Plan.