5 thoughts on “I wish NetFlix had a ‘shuffle-your-queue’ button.

  1. YES! The problem is when you get 3 heavy documentaries in a row. A good documentary can knock you out. I think 3 in a row can put a person close to death with a heavy heart.

    There really needs to be an algorhythm: “Hmm…this person has rented 3 documentaries for next month…QUICK we need Wil Ferrell. STAT!”

  2. Or (or in addition), a button by each movie in your queue, “Delay this.” Said button would drop the movie some number of slots (25, 100, 250, or user-configurable). Then maybe a feature that says “You’ve delayed this movie 9 times, and it’s been in your queue for 4 years — are you sure you want to watch it?”

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