Tina Fey Had the Best Job in New York

TiVo grabbed the premiere of 30 Rock for us. Comparing it against Studio 60 is like comparing the past 15 years of Saturday Night Live against anything funny.

Tin Fey’s work on Weekend Update was a small glimmer of hope in Lorne Michael’s otherwise deserted, stale series. Like the paper the next morning, the only thing going for Saturday Night Live these days is its comfortableness. While I assumed 30 Rock would bring out a new enthusiasm and funny from the recent SNL alum – it was more like all the cut skits too awful to record.

At least Studio 60 has Alan Sorkin’s writing team – even if it’s more West Wing-y when I’d prefer it to be more SportsNight-y.

One thought on “Tina Fey Had the Best Job in New York

  1. Totally agree with you on this one, Garrick. 30 Rock will air for 8 episodes, tops. It’s a complete piece of crap like most primetime TV. Most disappointing.

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