Tivo HD vs Apple iTV

Jen and I talked about Baby Tivo recently. It’s a paltry 40gig, single-tuner. But, sans-cable, it serves us well.

Today, Apple announced their iTV, shipping sometime next year. Priced at $300, plays HD video, HDMI ports, wifi, Front Row (or something like it), everything you’d expect (maybe a DVD drive?).

Then later today, I received an email from TiVo announcing their HD Tivo Series3. 300 hours, dual tuner, THX-certified, all the TiVo goodness – $800+ monthly service plan.

Uhhhh. Hmmmmm.

I agree with Kottke. It doesn’t add up. Especially since I know some early adopters who were less than thrilled.

TiVo’s great – but only because there’s no alternative worth talking about. Apple just might make this interesting. For a difference of $500 bucks, I’m cool with watching this play out.

One thought on “Tivo HD vs Apple iTV

  1. Got the newer comcast dvr 120gigs, dual tune, no-hd, no-hdmi port. 10bucks/month

    I have a 6 yr old 54″ Mitsubishi that does 480i, so I’m not too worried about the hdmi port just yet. I’m waiting for them to open up the firewire port in the back to burn baby burn.

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