Tour the Neighborhood via Sketchup

Over on the Minneapolis Craigslist, I saw this post:

“I need some people to help create 3D models of residential homes using Google sketch up or any other 3D software. Please send an example of your work (inside, outside, both) and your rate sheet for what you can offer. I am a Realtor and have an order for 10 homes with plenty more to come. “

I think this is a tiny glimpse into the future of real estate; sales, open houses, tours, remodeling, redecorating, etc.

The hard work is creating the house’s avatar.

After that – it’s the fun stuff; overlaying property lines, changing colors, and moving walls, making copies and doing walk-through tours.

Especially once enough more than a handful of the homes in your neighborhood are in Sketchup (and then placed in Google Earth).

Then you can finally determine if you should move to that house 1-block away or not.