Turning the Radio Off

Last weekend was Chicago Trip #1. The drive put a pretty good dent in my Unlistened Podcast playlist – down to 17.5 days (from a high of 24). There were a couple of spots near the Wisconsin/Illinois border and around Schaumberg where the FM transmitter couldn’t hold a frequency.

Rather than scanning the dial, I turned the radio off.

“Nowadays I prefer silence to NPR” – Dave Slusher


We’re in the early stages of exploring what to replace our 10 year-old Dodge Neon with. Looks like every car comes with an AM/FM CD deck. Three things I don’t want. At all. I just want an auxiliary jack. That’s it.

Can anyone out there help explain the tight connection between automakers and broadcast radio?


“i told the mpr people i wouldn’t pledge again until the current played a phish song.”- Dave Cecchi

2 thoughts on “Turning the Radio Off

  1. For about $100, you can put a replacement with an aux jack into pretty much any car. I’ve put them into nearly every car I’ve come near in the last few years. It only takes about an hour in most cases.

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