2 thoughts on “Two Quick Reminders About Work

  1. True-but why do so many people so firmly believe that if they just keep working, maybe working harder or longer, they will fix the problem?

    In my experience, the worst activity is to fix a problem with a band-aid so that everyone believes it is fixed, but the “behaviors, processes and relationships” don’t change. It never fails that the band-aid will be forgotten and the problem will resurface. Again and again. Until someone has the guts to fix the root causes-wrong behaviors, processes and relationships.

  2. Band-aids are tough problems, more frequently than not a band-aids require additional band-aids requiring additional band-aids. In my experience, organzations too frequently go for a band-aid fix because of pressures to solve a problem without being given the corresponding resources (time, expertise, or money) to do it in a longer-term way. Over time, tearing off and re-appying band-aids is very expensive.

    Ideally, we can make smart, longer-term, decisions more quickly.

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