If the kitchen renovation has told me 1 thing it’s: when you empty one room in your house, every room in your house gets more cluttered. While I anxiously await the finished kitchen so the rest of the house can get back in order, I’ll be tracking Erica Mauter’s Cut the Fluff 30-Day Challenge:

“Every day, for 30 days (which began on Monday, October 1) we are required to pick something to give or throw away, which we will photograph before we toss them or set them aside to be given away en masse.” – Erica Mauter

3 thoughts on “Unload

  1. Everytime we move for about 6 months before we try to get rid of as much as we can, but when we’re settled in it seems that we always have boxes that haven’t been opened in years. We dedicate a Saturday to opening 2 boxes a weekend and throwing out as much as we can.

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