Wanted: High Efficiency Washer / Dryer Recommendations

Like Shel‘s, our current washer and dryer is ancient. More ancient than the one we left at the last house. So, our washes aren’t as washed as we’d like and well, damp is not a synonym for dry. I checked.

We were going to wait a year and do a huge home appliance upgrade (fridge and and stove same vintage). Tumbling around in my head Kristin is saying, “… blah blah paying for inefficiency until then blah blah…”

So, we’re looking for recommendations on high-efficiency washer and dryer set, Not a combo, separate machines. Front-loading preferred.

What do you like?

UPDATE 20 January 2007:
We decided on the Whirlpool Cabrio pair from Warners Stellian. We got a good price, and Warners Stellian offers the best home appliance shopping experience in the Twin Cities. Also, it was a super easy decision – these were the only top-loading, no-agitator in the store.

7 thoughts on “Wanted: High Efficiency Washer / Dryer Recommendations

  1. Garrick,
    I’m sorry but I’m looking for advice in this area, not giving it. Feel free to watch my comments and see if something helpful comes up for you as well as me.

  2. There is only one washer available in the US
    (in my well considered opinion) worth owning,
    *if* your needs are for ‘normal’ washing

    The Staber.

    the website says it all.


    yes, we own one.
    yes, it rocks.

    For dryers, it’s pretty hard to beat
    a solar powered dryer.

    Folks used to call them clotheslines.

  3. On a more serious note…a big boost is to find a washer that has a really fast spin cycle. This alone will cut your drying time by quite a bit. When we upgraded our applicances, I was torn, I really wanted to get the highly efficient front-loader, but the cost savings just didn’t trump the extra cost. However, we discovered that the new washer spun our clothes almost completely dry, letting us run the dryer on the lightest setting.

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