Wanted: Server-side Torrent Generator

I’m in the market for a server-side torrent generator. Something I can point a URL at and will spit out a torrent file.

Google’s coming up empty on this. I know one’s out there. Do you know where it is?

Auto RSS Torrent looks promising.

5 Replies to “Wanted: Server-side Torrent Generator”

  1. Sure Dave. I’m thinking a code library, ideally something in PHP or Ruby, that I could upload to my podcast site that would automatically generate torrent files from the mp3 files.

  2. There’s also Amazon’s S3 service that I’ve been messing with. Any file that’s uploaded has both a public URL and a bittorrent URL. They not only handle the torrent creation, but the seeding as well. They’re priced pretty much at what the “real” cost of bandwidth is and is where I’m looking to host larger media files going forward.

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