We Are All Silos

Another day, another MacLeod (the word I’m using to describe my heavy-handed, Hugh MacLeod-inspired imagery).

How many login/password combinations are you (or your browsers) remembering?

Aside from the security issues inherent in having multiple keys around the web, each login/pass is another barrier to adoption, integration, usability, and usefulness.

Customers are the silo, not publishers – application or otherwise.

Great conversation with J Wynia on this topic this morning. The point is, we all have the ability right now to hold, serve, and control our own data. Fifteen minutes into the future, we won’t be adding information to services – we’ll be pointing our own urls to them.

Trackbacks & tags, trackbacks & tags. This is where EdgeIO is pointing to the future. Aggregators and other services pulling in distinct tags, basically taking ownership of a word. While authors still own their original posts. The opposite of Technorati.

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