What If…

  • ….email apps didn’t consider reading and writing separate modes?
  • …you could post to your blog, from mine?
  • …your online profile was filled out by your friends?
  • …Popularity was measured by the size of the group of people that are everywhere you are.
  • …only robots exchanged messages on Twitter.
  • …I stopped getting distracted by hypotheticals?

UPDATE 19 May 2011

“How can you tell if the person at the other end is real or a kid in Guatemala or Malaysia being paid by the message to engage with people to help build cred for some spam-issuing Twitter account?” – Dave Winer

3 thoughts on “What If…

  1. I love the idea of your friends defining your profile — that is almost the way it is in real life, the people we hang out with tell our story for us.

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