What’s My Next Telephone?

My mobile phone is starting to show it’s age. More sketchy connections, increased static and general inability to hear the other person on the line.

All independent of who I’m talking with or whether I’m on T-Mobile’s GSM network or a WiFi network.

All making me more unhappy with a device that increasingly feels like a buggy whip.

This weekend, I stopped by the T-Mobile store in the nearby mall. It was disheveled, half the demo phones were missing, and the displays were falling apart. Like their website, I couldn’t get a good sense what interesting phones they had – let alone which ones they wanted to sell me. The associate behind the counter was more interested in determining if my account was eligible for an upgrade than upselling me on a sexy new handset.

I kept thinking – maybe I should just buy an unlocked Nexus One.

Though – all I’m really looking for is an easy way to make voice calls- all that other smart phone stuff? Between a laptop, iPod Touch, and iPad, I’ve got it covered.

Two years ago, I predicted that once it expired, I wouldn’t be renewing my monthly mobile phone service plan.

If you’re a betting man – it still looks like a good bet.

The question is – if I drop my monthly mobile phone service, how do I make voice calls?

I’d like a mobile device optimized for the voice call experience. I don’t see that anywhere on the market.

So, what should my next phone be?

Upate 27 May 2010:
Early tests show Peter Cooper may have the answer.

“Ooh, a docked iPad + Skype == an awesome desk phone (sound is great both ways) even stuck with the scaled-up iPhone app for now”

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