What’s the Opposite of Tarjey?

When we lived in Evanston, there was this Target just a few blocks away. Stuff on the floor, expired milk in the aisle, very un-Target-like.

We got into the habit of asking people about whether or not a particular Target was “good.” We came back up here for a wedding and asked the clerk at the hotel where the closest Target was and if it was good.

She looks at us flatly, “All Targets are good.”

That may be. The Targhetto Project over at Magnetbox uses Twin Cities income and home sale data to calculate which one might be less so.

My local ranks: 145

One thought on “What’s the Opposite of Tarjey?

  1. The University Avenue Target is quite ghetto with it’s empty shelves but its low income up and down that strip. Then there’s the new Roseville SuperTarget which is sweet, all suped up and pimped out… but then again I heard Roseville/ Rosedale is where its at…Minnetonka/Ridgedale is so last season.

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