When Murphy Decides You Need to Use Windows

Just last week, I was taking with someone about Parallels Desktop. Cavalierly, I stated how I grabbed a trial key – but then realized I had no need to use for Windows.

Then just days later, I needed to see what a process looked like on Windows. Funny, Murphy, real funny.

Option 1. The Mac mini home server does have a Windows partition on it, but no monitor. So I’d have to disconnect it form the rats nest of external hard drives and other peripherals, plug it into the living room TV and reboot.

Option 2. Install VirtualPC on the eMac with the dead keyboard (no ability to open the DVD drive). Share the install disc across the network and run the install via VNC.

2 thoughts on “When Murphy Decides You Need to Use Windows

  1. If you hold down the mouse button as you restart, the CD drive will open. That at least saves you one step 🙂

    Now, back to hunting for a good calendar WP plugin…

  2. Thanks Nathan.

    That technique didn’t seem to work with my 3rd-party Bluetooth mouse. I think it has to do with the pairing happening after the CD-opening cue.

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