Why Haven’t I Picked up the M-Audio MicroTrack Yet?

I’m putting together a strict list of requirements I’d like from a mobile podcast recording device:

  • 1/4″ TRS & XLR inputs
  • 1/8″ headphone out
  • Recording onto SD/MMC card
  • Big Red Record/Stop button (as the only control)
  • Rechargeable battery
  • That’s it. Nothing More.

Like my quest for a phone with a very specific and limited feature set, the key is what I’ve left out. In this case; a screen, ‘play’ button, and internal microphone are off the table.

While searching for a USB mixer with 4 XLR ins, I re-discovered the M-Audio MicroTrack. Looks like it’s the closest thing we’ve got to meeting my above requirements.

On the down side; it doesn’t have XLR input, records to CompactFlash not SD/MMC, and has more than 1 button.

On the up side; Steve Borsch gives the MicroTrack a great review

One thought on “Why Haven’t I Picked up the M-Audio MicroTrack Yet?

  1. Hi Garrick, I just bought a Microtrack, for the same reasons you mentioned. It might not have XLR input, but the inputs are balanced and can produce fantomnpower. I’ve connected my AKG S1000 C to it ( a condenser microphone) and it worked pretty sweet!
    Cheers, Peet

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