WP-CaTT: WordPress Category Technorati Tag Plugin

WP-CaTT is a WordPress Plugin that appends a link in a post’s category listings to the corresponding Technorati Tag page. No need to add additional information to your post, you create the tags by categorizing posts, something you probably do already.

Download WP-CaTT v1.2.4

Download WP-CaTT v2.0c

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WP-CaTT is released under the GNU General Public License.

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Version History
v2.0c (Released 1 Jun 2007)
– Compatible with WordPress 2.2

v1.2.4 (Released 16 Jun 2005)
– Added the trailing slash and ‘alt’ attribute to the plugin’s image tag. Thanks fp.

v1.2.3 (Released 09 Apr 2005)
– Fixed a bug where tags may be prepended with an extra space. – thanks Adrian for pointing this bug out.

v1.2.2 (Released 01 Apr 2005)
– Added code for using an image instead of the standard “(t)”, inspired by kinrowan.net.

v1.2.1 (Released 28 Mar 2005)
– Fixed a bug where the specified delimiter was only displayed once.

v1.2 (Released 24 Mar 2005)
– Fixed a bug where the specified delimiter is not displayed after adding tags links.

v1.1 (Released 11 Mar 2005)
– Now it’s easier to specify which character you’re using to delimit multiple categories
– It’s also easier to specify how you want to display the Technorati link.
– Known Issues; a non-space delimiter (comma, colon, question mark) must be specified in your the_category() call, multiple categories are delimited by spaces – even if they start with a different character (comma, colon, question mark) , shows taglink in Post listing in Admin side.

v1.0 (Released 10 Mar 2005)
– Known Issues; only parses multiple categories separated by commas and doesn’t put the comma back, shows taglink in Post listing in Admin side.

33 thoughts on “WP-CaTT: WordPress Category Technorati Tag Plugin

  1. hi.

    i just installed the wpcatt plugin. i don’t know whats wrong, but when i have multiple categories, it returns href=”technorati.com/tag/+thetag” instead of “technorati.com/tag/thetag”

    how do i get rid of the unwanted “+” ?


  2. Hi there!

    A quick question. How do you control where the tag is displayed? The default install seems to put it on the same line as the title (pushing it over) rather then next to the catagory listing


  3. Great Plugin, simple to install! I have one problem though, whenever I change the Tehcnorati marker from (t) to the image it (the image) relocates down to the bottom of the post rather than beside the category?

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  5. garrick,

    i just installed this plugin, with image link display.

    anyway please take a minute check, you broke the standard validation. it’s happened because of mostly WP theme currently published are using XHTML as well. please fix it by adding trailing slash and the alt element in line 25.

    thanks, and keep this great work.

  6. garrick … 1.2.4 is buggy too,
    in line 25, please use
    [snip] … alt="Technorati" />
    instead of
    [snip] … alt=""Technorati"" />

    you have to put my name in code credits for this clue *kidding*

  7. Hello there!

    I am having little problem displaying the bubble image. Please see the line and see if there are any problems while i try it aswell.

    My image is placed correctly in /wp-content/plugins

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  9. Meow! Thank you so much for this wonderful plugin. It is so helpful since now we won’t have to do anything extra to add technorati tags to our site about news and reports for cats!

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