Worst We Can Do is Go Bankrupt in the Morning.

I’ve mentioned this before in Job Security is the Ability to Get a Job, there’s a line in the Princess Bride that I think accurately describes the modern day employer-employee relationship:

“Good night, Westley. Good work. Sleep well. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.” – Dread Pirate Roberts

Today, Seth Godin said the same thing while channeling Tom Peters:

“Almost all organizations spend their time and energy looking for security and stability. This is nonsense. The only security you have is in your personal brand and the projects you’ve done so far.”

One thought on “Worst We Can Do is Go Bankrupt in the Morning.

  1. This is very true. Employers will dismiss you the moment the business requires it. You should be equally prepared to dismiss them. This means having offers on the table at any point in time. The best way to do that is through a blog. I find that I get offers direct from employers, and targeted at my skill set through my blog.

    No more worrying about how it would look if an employer knew you’d listed on Monster or dice.com. You’re always out there and employers are always looking.

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