2 Things

  1. First, a reminder – that when you sit down to do something, and focus on it the results are impressive.
    A little back story – this last week all I did was add things to the To Do index card stack. Rarely, did I have the celebratory crumple-up-and-toss-in-the-recycling-bin. Today, I cranked through a bunch of them and even made fairly dramatic headway on a problem that’s been taunting me for at least a month.
  2. Secondly, there’s still quite a bit of work to be done in RSS reading/aggregation land. There are too many identical offerings and none of seem attractive enough to migrate my 300+ feeds too. Something’s missing. I’m on a hunt to find it. Any thoughts?


“I think the problem with browser-based RSS software is that the people who write the apps aren’t news junkies. If they were, they could, with much less effort, create something far more powerful and far more usable.” – Dave Winer

One thought on “2 Things

  1. I really like using Radio (http://www.userland.com/). Not for the blogging, but for the River of News that is provided. It’s simple, and it works. And I always have news to read. Another product from Dave Winer is the OPML Editor (http://support.opml.org/download). I keep meaning to try it, but I haven’t yet.

    Scoble (http://scobleizer.com/) says that Google Reader is the way to go, but I have no experience with it either. But he keeps raving about it and so some day I’ll have to try it too.

    Sorry for the link heavy comment, but you did ask šŸ™‚


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