Abstruse, I Am

My preferences over at AmigoFish were described as ‘abstruse’ (difficult to comprehend) the other day.

Good word and much nicer than, say, ‘hyper-critical’.

In an effort to provide some clarity, here are a few notes on what I’m looking for in (video) podcast-land.

Podcasts in General

  • Enthusiasm and constructiveness.
  • 2-3 people having an intelligent conversation (no panels).
  • Big, deep, timeless conversations, rather than time-sensitive reactions.
  • Interesting-ness. I’m looking to think about things in new ways.
  • Independent publishers – repurposed audio/video is cut right out (On the Media is the sole exception).


  • Low production values (I don’t want it to feel like television)
  • Delivered as .mpg or something I can easily convert to .mpg – because, ironically – I want these on my Tivo.
  • Actually using the video channel, not just audio with pictures.

If you’ve got a podcast you think I’d like, add it to my Backlog channel at GigaDial.

Thanks, and by the way, abstruse has nothing to do with “overbese”.

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