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Friday, 20 November 2009

First Crack 122. John Hoffoss on Usability and Network Security

John Hoffoss, a network security engineer at one of Minnesota’s larger institutions, and I dive into computer security, security versus usability, the insecurity of URL shorteners, and some of the reasons Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer are more often targets of security exploits than other platforms.

Stay til the end for a discussion of the security threats of places like Facebook and Twitter.

Listen to John Hoffoss on Computer and Network Security.

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First Crack 108. Coffee Review – Honduras, El Filo – 49th Parallel Roasters

This is the third in the monthly coffee review series at the First Crack Podcast.

This month, I’m reviewing Miguel Moreno Leiva – El Filo as roasted by 49th Parallel Roasters.

It’s a very subtle and floral cup with powerful aroma off the grind. Andrew described it to me as, “technically good.” I quite agree. It’s a perfect example of a good cup of coffee.

As always, special thanks to Andrew Kopplin at Kopplin’s Coffee for putting this Cup of Excellence on my table and resetting my coffee judgement scale.

Listen to Coffee Review – Honduras: El Filo [9 min].

Monday, 3 September 2007

What’s He Building in There?

Doing some testing today and I felt bad for not posting anything in nearly a week.

I’ve been building. Steady. Til midnight or 2am for the past week.

And it’s coming together real nicely, so I’m trying to keep up the momentum up through this coming week.

Until I get back to a more frequent posting schedule…

Here’s the raw audio from an hour-long phone conversation I had with a Stanford Grad student. She’s conducting a study on how people use things like Twitter, Flickr, and the like.

Garrick-on-Twitter-2007.mp3 [59 minutes]

I’m sure Ingrid’s tracking this conversation, so give her a hand and leave a comment on how you use those apps in your daily life.


“Twitter-mates are the same as workmates everywhere.” – Gary Burge

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Christmas (Funny) in July

Cayenne Chris’s Christmas 2006 Tekdiff episode [mp3] finally came up on my shuffled ‘Unlistened Podcast’ this afternoon. It’s one of the best Tekdiff episodes (23 4-star or great episodes in my library), from the Tiny Tree’s First Christmas to bizarre Holiday traditions in unnamed Eastern European villages.

Belated Yuletide Thanks Chris.