Ad Agencies are Paid to Make the Uninteresting Interesting

After the MIMA Online Communities Salon tonight I overheard;

“Ad agencies are paid to make the uninteresting interesting.”

Reminded me of something Hugh said;

“For marketing hand-made cheese that was matured in sixteenth century stone cellars, blogging is a no-brainer.
For marketing Velveeta, it’s trickier. Maybe impossible.”

The sleight of hand ad agencies perform is brevity. Even lame Velveeta can be cool in 30 highly-controlled seconds. Unfortunately, one-night stands are not how people get married. Blogs, podcasts, and other online communities, are permanent, direct, on-going, cumulative, relationship-building tools. The hand-made cheese matured in 16th century stone cellars is a commitment. Like a blog. Like a lifelong relationship.

This is the difference between making the lame interesting and making the banal interesting.

But you know that.