Multiple Languages, Same Message – A Reason for a Comment-Cast

When I was developing WP-iPodCatter, it seemed straight-forward enough to tie WordPress’ enclosure detection with the Comments RSS feed to create a comment podcast, or comment-cast.

I didn’t have a personal need for this feature (so it’s not as fully developed as the others) but I thought it’d be neat and it was easy to do.
Plus, the thought of a podcast with distributed hosting, on topic, created by fans of another podcast seemed like an interesting way to bring the threaded comments to audio.

Then, listening to Mike’s latest Sex and Podcasting, Katrina – multi-language podcasts, I realized that’s not the interesting bit.

Here’s the scenario, I publish a podcast. You take it, translate it, record it into a language you know well, and republish it as a comment to the original.

Subscribing to the comment feed will automatically deliver the translated files as fast as they’re published.

Could be helpful. Could cause more and bloodier wars.