Amazing Race 8 – Episode 2

On a good note, the suitcase-exchange Road Block in the Tidal Basin is one of Amazing Race’s best challenges; it’s place appropriate, anyone can do it, it’s sexy, and success is a random process of elimination. As always, a good road block like this shakes up the rankings.

It feels like the teams are spending 80% of the time driving around New England. I’m sure its pretty, it doesn’t seem as exotic nor as entertaining as flying around the world.

On tonight’s elimination; if you read a map and send your team the opposite direction down the freeway – be man enough to admit it right away. Don’t blame your son for missing an exit you never passed. Yes, Rogers Family Dad, I’m talking to you and thanks for owning up to it in the end.

Current Standing of Garrick’s Favorites

  • Lintz – #2
  • Aeillo – #5