Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Tuesday, April 3, 2007 1:36:44 PM

Anyone else catch the excellent example of ‘Wisdom of Crowds’ in this week’s The Amazing Race? 4 people counting the same set of stairs, deciding the number that 2 people settled on was the correct number.

Monday, 12 March 2007

Monday, March 12, 2007 2:19:18 PM

While I haven’t posted about it, the All-Star Amazing Race is well underway.

Last night was the first evening this season I felt it was good and engaging. Uchenna and Joyce helped another team reach the pitstop to eliminate Rob and Amber.

That’s how the Amazing Race is different. As I’ve mentioned many times before – gaining inches in TAR isn’t helpful, things turn around too quickly. Unlike almost any other reality program on, competitors cooperating and brining out the best in each other is what makes it fun to watch.

Monday, 9 October 2006

Amazing Race Season 10 – Episode 3 & 4

CBS and TiVo have been fighting the past few Sunday nights – CBS has been throwing off the start time of the Amazing Race by 15 to 30 minutes, and TiVo – hasn’t been able to figure it out.

Since we only watch AR via TiVo. We’ve been missing the back half of each AR. Not cool. Completely blowing my enthusiasm for CBS, Amazing Race, and TiVo.


Monday, 25 September 2006

Amazing Race Season 10 – Episode 2

Outer Mongolia.

It’s a threat in my mind. Somehow worse than Siberia. A place where you “get sent”. A bit of romance there if only for the seemingly still nomadic lifestyle. Until the rain storm, seemed like a nice, quiet vacation spot. Like northern Wisconsin in autumn. Remote.

If only I had a hand-cranked Russian jeep growing up.

I’d stick with the packing up of the nomadic tent over attempting to guide a aboriginal bull. Figuring out the knot and getting a camel to stand up sound easier than keeping helmets and water within grasp.

The TiVo gets eliminated this week for not recording the Roadblock and the elimination.

    Garrick’s Favorites:

  • Peter and Sarah
  • Tyler and James
  • Duke and Lauren

On a side note, I don’t think I’m the only one confusing Studio 60 and 30 Rock. As much as I prefer Aaron Sorkin productions, I keep thinking there’s another pair of hobbits lurking.

Wednesday, 20 September 2006

Amazing Race Season 10 – Episode 1

If having racers rappel up the Great Wall of China on the first leg is any indication, the Amazing Race is on an upswing. The lame events, purposeless pitstops, and music-video editing might be a thing of the past – much like the awful Family Edition.

Despite my continual confusion between the cheerleaders and the beauty queens (half way through Return of the King I asked, “Are two sets of hobbits in the Lord of the Rings?”) the character and distinction between the rest of the teams was nicely accomplished.

I thought the introduction of Peter and Sarah did a great job of laying out both their strength (experienced tri-atheletes) and their weakness (3 legs between them). With Tyler and James a second – ex-addicts turned male models. The rest of the introductions felt like cheap match-making reads;

Likes: travel, a million dollars
Dislikes: the other teams

How un-Amazing.

The introductions not-withstanding, this feels like the most diverse groups of racers yet, devout Muslim team, Indian-American married team, black single moms, and rural Kentuckians! . That said, the stereotypes are still there; a gay couple, white chicks, brothers, a dating couple where he’s probably gay, parent and child, moms. Again, hopefully, the show will transcend the stereotypes.

Oh, and Lindsey – I’d eat the eyeballs.

    Garrick’s Favorites:

  • Peter and Sarah
  • Tyler and James
  • Duke and Lauren

To make it interesting, I say Rob and Kimberly are Philiminated in the 4th show.

Wednesday, 19 April 2006

Amazing Race Season 9 – Episode 8

I’ve lost my passion for the Amazing Race.

Maybe it’s the time switch – from 8pm Tuesdays to 7pm Wednesdays. Dunno. It feels like the segments between the commercial breaks are so fast cutting that nothing happens – like I don’t have time to focus on what’s going on.

On the whole, the challenges this season don’t seem very challenging or interesting. Just there. Like the producers have run out of cleverness.

Then, as I finish writing that, they show uncover the Shuwa. That sounds real tasty. Yeah, I’ll dig for steamed lamb.

It’s real tough watching BJ & Tyler rise from the last to first then fall back to last. I wish the editing gave a more accurate sense of time passing. It’s easy when night falls, less so when it’s still day.

You gotta give Fran and Berry props for coming in first on this leg. (Un)fortunately, BJ & Tyler were non-philiminated.

Garrick’s Favorites

  • BJ & Tyler – #5
  • Ray & Yolanda – #3

Wednesday, 12 April 2006

Amazing Race Season 9 – Episode 7

All you need to know about tonight’s episode; BJ & Tyler weren’t eliminated, the Dentists were.

Everything else – aside from the wrestling – blah.

Garrick’s Favorites

  • BJ & Tyler – #5
  • Ray & Yolanda – #2

Wednesday, 5 April 2006

Amazing Race Season 9 Episode 6

I’ve said it before, BJ & Tyler are the best AR team yet; well-traveled, playful, multi-lingual, beards. The fake sign-up list was brilliant.

Also brilliant – the Dentists requesting a clue not from the designated grounds keeper.

Detour: Big Fish or Little Fish
Big Fish. Big Fish. Running through the city with swordfish is much more effective than trying to get the city to come to you. Oh, and the fish-over-the-shoulder technique is much more effective than carrying it out in front of you.

Roadblock: Kayak Polo
This is one of the coolest sports ever. I should start a league. Anyone got a kayak?

Garrick’s Favorites

  • BJ & Tyler – #2
  • Dave & Lori – eliminated. Jen’s reaction, “blah blah blah.”
  • Ray & Yolanda – (I missed it, hmmm. oh well)

Pre-Amazing Race Season 9 Episode 6

Hey all. CBS changed the time Amazing Race is on. Now, Tuesday is just Garbage Day. Not Amazing Race & Garbage Day.

Anyway a couple things in preparation for tonight’s installment.

There’s some other Amazing Race bloggers:

Phil’s got a blog too. Just no RSS feed. I’m sorry Phil. Your blog’s been eliminated.

Tuesday, 28 March 2006

Amazing Race Season 9 – Episode 5

BJ and Tyler are the greatest team, if only because they’re giving tribute – via their t-shirts – to previous Race teams; “Bowling” / “Moms”. Rad.

Detour – Foundry or Laundry
Uh. Laundry. No Question.

“We Choose Not to Yield”
Exactly it’s way too early to yield. The teams in the lead are too even at this point, there’s no common enemy. Well, the Dentist couple is shaking out to be the common enemy, but they’re so far back it doesn’t make sense to yield them. Unbelievable – Dani & Danelle were yielded by the Dentist. WTF.

Roadblock: Venus Jigsaw
Looks like I’m doing it. Two extra pieces – interesting. Which 2? Hmmm. Looks straight forward enough. Jen predicts the extra pieces will freak out the Dentist.

There’s some pretty cool looking cars in this episode. Spacious, yet tiny.

Garrick’s Favorites

  • BJ & Tyler – #1
  • Dave & Lori – #6
  • Ray & Yolanda – #5