Amazing Race Season 9 – Episode 5

BJ and Tyler are the greatest team, if only because they’re giving tribute – via their t-shirts – to previous Race teams; “Bowling” / “Moms”. Rad.

Detour – Foundry or Laundry
Uh. Laundry. No Question.

“We Choose Not to Yield”
Exactly it’s way too early to yield. The teams in the lead are too even at this point, there’s no common enemy. Well, the Dentist couple is shaking out to be the common enemy, but they’re so far back it doesn’t make sense to yield them. Unbelievable – Dani & Danelle were yielded by the Dentist. WTF.

Roadblock: Venus Jigsaw
Looks like I’m doing it. Two extra pieces – interesting. Which 2? Hmmm. Looks straight forward enough. Jen predicts the extra pieces will freak out the Dentist.

There’s some pretty cool looking cars in this episode. Spacious, yet tiny.

Garrick’s Favorites

  • BJ & Tyler – #1
  • Dave & Lori – #6
  • Ray & Yolanda – #5