Amazing Race Season 9 Episode 6

I’ve said it before, BJ & Tyler are the best AR team yet; well-traveled, playful, multi-lingual, beards. The fake sign-up list was brilliant.

Also brilliant – the Dentists requesting a clue not from the designated grounds keeper.

Detour: Big Fish or Little Fish
Big Fish. Big Fish. Running through the city with swordfish is much more effective than trying to get the city to come to you. Oh, and the fish-over-the-shoulder technique is much more effective than carrying it out in front of you.

Roadblock: Kayak Polo
This is one of the coolest sports ever. I should start a league. Anyone got a kayak?

Garrick’s Favorites

  • BJ & Tyler – #2
  • Dave & Lori – eliminated. Jen’s reaction, “blah blah blah.”
  • Ray & Yolanda – (I missed it, hmmm. oh well)