Amazing Race Season 10 – Episode 2

Outer Mongolia.

It’s a threat in my mind. Somehow worse than Siberia. A place where you “get sent”. A bit of romance there if only for the seemingly still nomadic lifestyle. Until the rain storm, seemed like a nice, quiet vacation spot. Like northern Wisconsin in autumn. Remote.

If only I had a hand-cranked Russian jeep growing up.

I’d stick with the packing up of the nomadic tent over attempting to guide a aboriginal bull. Figuring out the knot and getting a camel to stand up sound easier than keeping helmets and water within grasp.

The TiVo gets eliminated this week for not recording the Roadblock and the elimination.

    Garrick’s Favorites:

  • Peter and Sarah
  • Tyler and James
  • Duke and Lauren

On a side note, I don’t think I’m the only one confusing Studio 60 and 30 Rock. As much as I prefer Aaron Sorkin productions, I keep thinking there’s another pair of hobbits lurking.

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