Amazing Race 8 – Episode 3

The mudding challenge – very cool. I gotta give the Aeillo family props for making 14 attempts through the mud bog.

The AOL laptop clue in the middle of the Rocket Center was completely dorky and worthless…well….aside from product placement. Reminded me of the ‘assemble something at IKEA’ challenge they had a couple seasons back.

I’m still not sure if it’s the 4-person teams, families, or all the time they’re spending on the East Coast, so far the season isn’t working for me or Jen. It feels much less exciting and exotic than the world travel of previous seasons. No language or currency issues, lots of driving. Makes armchair travel much less thrilling.

On the plus side, free BP and Arco gas – for life – is definitely one of the coolest awards ever.

Current Standing of Garrick’s Favorites:

  • Lintz – #2
  • Aeillo – #8, eliminated. Crap.

Word from Claire

“How can you not mention the all time best line in any season of TAR from last night’s episode: ‘If you haven’t noticed, gravity is currently pushing on me.’ –Phil”