Amazing Race 8 – Episode 5

“I’m so excited we’re getting out of the country.”

Yeah, me too. What fun is the Amazing Race if you’re only touring the east coast (midwest *cough* midwest). Then again, the Amazing Race producers have double the people this season – so much higher airfare costs. But here’s the real reason families haven’t left the US yet:

“Hable inglés?”

“A little”


My favorite thing about the Amazing Race is how a multiple-hour lead can evaporate waiting for an airplane or the next destination to open. It keeps things interesting for everyone.

Detour: Rhythm or Coos?
Coos – spying fake birds seems more interesting than running around town collecting instruments. I think I’d find a greater sense of progress with the birds.

Based on the edit we watched, the fake birds in the trees we in the same position as their representation on the sheet-of-birds. Position seemed like at least as effective way to identify the birds as color – though color is probably easiest to communicate to someone else.

How do you dress for a non-elimination round? Let’s have Phil respond,

“Did you know it was illegal in Panama to wear underpants on top of underpants?”

Current Standing of Garrick’s Favorites:

  • Lintz – #4