Amazing Race 8 – Episode 6

We’re just past the first commercial break and nothing interesting to report, other than the bickering irritation of road-weary families. Blah.

Wait, they’re visiting Costa Rica’s Doka Estate Coffee Plantation. Totally makes up for it.

Roadblock: Find the red coffee bean
Jen: “Digging through 800lbs of green coffee beans, that’s all you babe.”

Detour: Relic or Ripe?
We’d harvest bananas – the pulley system seemed interesting and it’d be nice to know the story of my morning fruit. That, and I’m not in the mood for a vertigo-inducing bridge walk.

Rather than the great armchair travel adventures previous Amazing Races have been, this season is turning out to be the worst family vacation ever.

Current Standing of Garrick’s Favorites:

  • Lintz – #2